USPS Tracking Number – Track USPS shipments & Packages

USPS Tracking: The United States Postal Services is an American independent postal service that was formed in the year on July 1, 1971. Its headquarters is located at 475 L’Enfant Plaza SW Washington, D.C. The United Federal Government provides the people in the United States all the postal delivery services in all the areas that include the other associated states and insular areas. The Major Agency executives of this¬† United States Postal services are Megan Brennan, Postmaster General

Ronald A. Stroman and Deputy Postmaster General. The number of Employees working in this United States postal services is 639,789. It is the third largest civilian employer in the United States. Out of them, 508,908 employees are working as the career and 130,881 employees are working as non-career as of September 30, 2016. The Key document of this organization is Postal Clause of the United States Constitution. The official website of United States Postal services is

USPS Tracking Details

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The United States Postal services provide the user to track their package from their home itself. They have provided the people in the United States to track their courier from the sender and the recipient side. If you are not at home at the time of delivery you can track the time of your postal delivery and inform the postal services to deliver your Post to the nearby address or the other address you mention. You don’t need to login to the online portal also. You will receive the delivery details on the mobile phone as text messages. You can all text Your USPS tracking number to USPS and SEND it to 28777 to check a package’s status on them from anywhere at any time. You can see the delivery status, change the shipping address, redelivery services. You can also claim for insurance and refund.

How to track your package

The People who want to track your packages that are sent through the United States Postal services can simply track their package through online. This service is available 24 hours.

The only thing you need to track your package is the tracking number that will be available on the receipt that will be given to you during the shipment process.  If you ordered an item online, selling company would provide the tracking number in an email to the shipment on this official website

To track your package it is easy. Follow the below-given instructions


  • Visit the official website or click on this official website
  • Enter your 35 digit tracking number that is separated by commas
  • Click on the track button

Once you click on the track button you can able to see the details about your package whether it is delivered or not, where it is currently available and the shipment is done or not.

USPS tracking number

The USPS tracking number will be available on the courier bill that will be provided during the shipping process. The bill has the barcode. Under the barcode the shipping or tracking number is available. All you need is the shipping bill with which you can simply track your package. You should visit the USPS official site to track the package details.

This tracking code needs to track your package online and also this code may help you to get other services like Collecting your Delivery, Return Receipt, Insurance, Special Handling and Restricted Delivery.

You can track Delivery of USPS packages, Priority Mails, International Shipments, Courier using USPS tracking number. The customer can print the shipping label and can choose email option to get the tracking number through your email.

USPS provides a Tracking number to their clients so that they can track product delivery status. This makes USPS Services the most valuable and caring services provided by any posting organizations. As customer can track their package online simplify the customer services their service name has a good view among the people of the United States.

Is this service free of cost

The people who want to track their package can use this online method as free of cost. They don’t need to pay money for tracking their packages. The USPS calculator services are also free of cost.

USPS Priority Mail

The United States Postal services provide you the facility of priority mail option in which you can send the letters or packages within two to three days of delivery. However, the priority mail has some of the restrictions too. It handles the domestic shipments.

You can also send internationally by priority mail. Also, an item of priority mail can be directed to a PO box and includes delivery confirmation. The post office also collects your letter or package priority mail for free when it is ready to be sent.

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